A Day in the Life of Tori and Riley

I’ve posted my schedule before, but to be completely honest with you, that’s when I was in a manic episode. So, it was a little over-stuffed. Every minute of my day was accounted for. When I was manic, that wasn’t a problem, but now that I’m more balanced, I just don’t have that same kind of energy (or the mood swings).

So, instead of a rigid schedule, I created more of an outline for my day, with lots of breaks intended to keep me sane. I do strive for three big goals a day, usually my chores for the day, something work-related, and some self-care. If I accomplish those three things, I feel like I’ve had a productive day, even if I didn’t finish everything else.

Tori Barber, August 2020.

6:30 AM Wake Up

We used to try to be up by 5:00, but we just aren’t morning people like that. We barely get up at 6:30 as it is! Mornings are always a struggle.

So, we get ready for the day and head downstairs, and we’ll usually sit outside and drink a cup of coffee together before Ross goes into his office for work around 7:30.

Then, Mama takes some personal time. I use this time to do a daily tarot reading, some journaling, and plan out my day in peace.

Tori Barber, daily journaling, August 2020.

8:00 AM Waking Up Riley

Even if she’s awake, I don’t usually get Riley until 8/8:30. She’s always content with playing with her stuffed animals in her crib until I get there. Once she’s all ready, we head downstairs or to the play room (depending on my chores for the day) for breakfast. Ross and I don’t usually eat breakfast, so for Riley I’ll do a grab-and-go breakfast of dry cereal, cereal bars, fruit, muffins, or anything finger-foodie like that. We’ll usually listen to music while I start on chores.

9:00 AM Chores

I love getting these out of the way earlier in my day, because then I’m more likely to get it done. Granted there are days where I will sit and Netflix binge on the couch, but most of the time I’ll at least finish most of my chores. I have each section of my house scheduled by day of the week. My breaks between tasks and after completion typically consist of online work for my music channel and my blog.

Riley helping Mama with the laundry, August 2020.

11:30 AM Lunch

Ross usually breaks for lunch around 11:30, so we’ll all eat together. Sandwiches, a microwave lunch, or leftovers from the night before.

12:00 PM Play Time!

I’ll usually give Riley an hour of play time while we listen to music, followed by an hour of activities with Mama. I usually let her lead the way on what we do, but I try to plan a few activities like crafts and other projects.

Riley playing Sheriff Callie, August 2020.

2:00 PM Snack & Music

Riley gets a snack with her medicine at 2:00 PM, and then Mama pulls out the guitar for daily practice. This usually incites Riley into picking up an instrument and playing along.

3:00 PM Nap & Mama Time

Riley naps for about an hour and a half, and I do basically whatever I want in that time. If I want to get some work done, or take a nap, I do it. I purposefully leave this time open in my planner to do whatever is on my mind.

Riley before nap time, August 2020.

4:30 PM Screen Time

By this time of the day, I’m tired, and don’t really want to do anything. So, I plop the turdler in front of the TV or her iPad. Mickey Mouse keeps her content through dinner, and she snuggles with Mama, Daddy, or Uncle Sam on the couch.

6:30 PM Dinner

Somehow I usually finish dinner before everyone else, so I’ll sneak off to my studio to work on something or park my butt on the couch. Most frequently the latter.

Mama and Riley on the couch, August 2020.

7:30 PM Start Evening Routines

First up is Mama. I’ll go take a shower and get ready for bed, and then Ross will get Riley in the bath and ready for bed. When he is gone for work, Riley will usually play in my room (with the bathroom door open) while I get ready. Afterwards, I’ll take her to get ready. We’ll usually let her wind down with a little more TV before story time, and she’s in bed by 9:00. Maybe not asleep, but she’s in there! I usually like to spend this time with my husband, watching TV or playing games, and we’re usually in bed by 11:00.

So, that’s it!

That’s a day in the life of Tori and Riley. Sometimes some errands or a doctor’s appointment is thrown in there, but that’s about it. No socializing with playgroups or other mamas during the COVID pandemic, so this is pretty much our every day. Except on Sunday. Mama sleeps in on Sunday. It’s glorious.

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