Ross and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this past Saturday. We spent it running errands, and catching lunch out by Lake Travis at The Oasis. It was an eye-opening experience. Apparently some of y’all done forgot that there’s still a pandemic going on. Let me clear a few things up for you:

Me and Ross at The Oasis, Austin, TX, June 2020.

Wash Your Hands

Public bathrooms freak me the hell out, but even more so after watching people walk out of the freaking restroom without washing their hands this weekend.

Wash your hands.

Sanitize The Things

Clean yourself, your belongings, what you buy, etc. Clean it the hell up, America. Disinfect like you actually give a damn about people not blessed with your immune system.

Because it’s so important the Mona Lisa has something to say.

Maintain The Bubble

I’m seriously about to start carrying around a can of Lysol to spray the germ-riddled strangers who get too close to me. If you don’t understand what “socially distant” means

Imma spray you if you get too close.

Wear A Mask

Wear your freaking masks, stupid. My mask protects YOU from my germs. Your mask protects me. Have some respect and compassion for the people in your community. You may not be at a high risk, but there are plenty of others who are. Don’t be a selfish jerk.

Yes, even the kiddos should be wearing masks when they can.


Businesses are opening back up again because they need a financial recovery. They are not opening back up because the threat is by any means decreased. In fact, we should be expecting a massive spike in cases before this is over.

Let me repeat, BUSINESSES ARE OPENING FOR FINANCIAL REASONS, NOT BECAUSE COVID IS OVER. COVID IS NOT OVER. Not by a long shot. The only real way we’re getting out of this is with vaccines.

So, be a good neighbor and a conscious humanitarian. Let’s kick COVID’s ass.

El Arroyo knows what’s up.
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