Please Get WiFi

Dear Granny, Please Get Wifi

You guys, this time it really wasn’t my fault. I missed last week’s post, because I was in Lubbock visiting family. My Granny doesn’t have WiFi, and even the cell service at her house is terrible. It takes about half of my phone’s battery, and all of its focus to get through a Skype session with my husband. So, Riley didn’t have access to her weekly slideshow, and I did not have access to write a post for you all.

Riley and her great-grandmother (or, Granny), July 2019.

Honestly, I thought that I would get the chance to use the WiFi at my mother’s house, but I never wound up over there. Between dealing with Riley and my Granny’s back yard, I had no time to get over there. It was a long trip without my WiFi, y’all. I couldn’t even finish watching Game of Thrones! (I just started season eight, so NO SPOILERS! I’M almost there!)

Tori and her mother, Rhonda, July 2019.

In honor of my Granny’s near-prehistoric lifestyle (I kid, guys), I thought I’d give us all a solid argument for grandparents getting the dang WiFi package with their landlines.

1. You’re probably paying for it, anyway.

A lot of Grannies (or whoever) probably haven’t changed their home phone bill’s contract in a long time (or their cable, shudder). If you talk to your provider now, you can probably get WiFi added on for the same price (or less)! Oh, but “Why do I need WiFi,” you ask?

2. You don’t need it, we do.

The majority of the population needs WiFi these days. Even if you never use the internet, your family members probably need it for television, work, classes, home management, etc. I don’t know about others, but my entire life is pretty much online at this point. Even my recipes and meal plan are on an app/website! Granny, people staring at their phones doesn’t always mean we’re ignoring someone. It means we’re probably getting something done.

3. Don’t you want me to be happy?

Come on, Granny. I missed Game of Thrones for you. (Not that you know the significance of that statement, but still…) Can’t you tell I love you? Why can’t you just show me a little love with some WiFi whenever I’m there? Heck, it might even allow me to stay longer. My tablet sits useless and sad whenever I come to your house. Give it life, Granny. Let my Microsoft Surface live!

My Microsoft Surface, October 2018.

Do you have an elderly family member (or know someone else) who refuses to get WiFi at their house? Does it infuriate you at times when you need the internet? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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