Finding Inspiration In Quarantine

I’ve hit kind of a creative rut, and can’t find any inspiration in quarantine. I’m not pushing out new tunes, and I managed to miss the last two scheduled updates for this blog (hence the crazy mid-week scheduling today). I have all this time to utilize, especially since I’m off of my feet with a foot injury. I just can’t come up with a focus for my writing.

Riley watching the rain. April 2020.

So, I decided to look up some inspirational tips for the lot of us creatives to kick the quarantine funk. Here’s what I found:

1. Get the energy flowing.

Do a stretch, jump up and down, wiggle your body, or whatever to wake yourself up. If you’re a musician, like me, get to the basics. Practice your scales, do warm up exercises. If you’re a writer, get your brain warmed up with a word puzzle or looking up writing prompts. If you’re a crafter, go through your supplies. Making a mental note of the items you have will help you come up with your next project.

An original sketch design of the logo I made in April 2020. It all started when I was bored af.

2. Schedule yourself some time.

Dedicate at least 30 minutes to sitting down and brainstorming, and make sure you have time to think about it ahead of time. Set an appointment with yourself to review your thoughts and ideas. Even idle musings can lead to great things. Jot it all down, and do it again as many times as you need to until it clicks.

3. Talk to people.

Especially people with similar interests, or your target demographic. Getting outside opinions will help us stay involved in the world around us. Don’t over-exert yourself, but do try to (distantly) socialize as much as you can handle.

My current favorite to bounce ideas off of, my temporary housemate, Tony! April 2020.

4. Try something new.

Learn a new song, a dance, a technique, a skill, or anything. Just try. Even if you aren’t all-in, you’re still doing the work to get there. (Does that evening make sense? Am I just blabbering here?)

Me, learning ukulele. April 2020.

5. Adjust your goal size.

You won’t be a world-famous novelist, designer, creator, recording artist, or whatever during quarantine. If that’s what you’re shooting for, you’re going to aim higher than you can fly and hit the wall. Start small, one project at a time.

My current project goal: Getting my set list together for one live stream show a month.

6. Do some research.

Need more tips and ideas? Pinterest is my favorite go-to for inspiration and motivation, but my friend Google works just as well. Check out what other people are doing, what’s trending, new methods of doing things, and the like.

Something that inspired me recently, watching Willie Nelson’s 4/20 stream! Some amazing music played.

7. Find a new workspace.

Maybe not permanently, but take your usual work somewhere you haven’t before. Your room, the living room, outside, the guest room, or wherever. Or re-do your current workspace!

8. Take a break.

Sometimes all we need to get back in the saddle is a mental break. Meditation, listening to soothing music, zoning out in front of the TV, or distracting our minds with a game. Just do what let’s you relax. Have a nap, even. Recharge.

Self care face mask time! April 2020.

9. Take a walk.

Omg, especially if you have kids at home. Get away for a few minutes to take a simple walk, if you can. Even if your version of a “walk” is standing out in your yard with the kids locked inside while you sip some “tea.” Get. Some. Space.

10. Scream into a pillow.

I’m totally serious. Take a deep breath, and scream as loud and as hard as you can into a pillow. Not only will you work out some of the pent up frustration and tension, it really gets your heart rate going, too. Which is energizing and motivating.

Obligatory Mama and Riley pic. April 2020.

Got any tips for finding inspiration during quarantine?

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