Lesson Plan for Riley

I get a lot of questions about my lesson plan for Riley, so here’s a brief run-down! Most of you know I recently started posting the ASL vocabulary slideshows that I use with her. (This week’s video can be found at the end of this article!) Each week is a new topic or theme, and there are roughly fifteen vocabulary words per slideshow; Complete with preschool-safe YouTube videos, and a flashcard review at the end! And yes, I offer them for free.

Weekly Lesson Plan Focus

These slideshows are only a part of my weekly lesson plan for Riley. In addition, each week we focus on a letter of the alphabet. By reading books daily that begin with the letter, or feature the sound of that letter, Riley is more likely to remember the letter. Each week, we also practice counting to a particular number between one an ten (and will soon be counting up to twenty).

Daily Lesson Plan Goals

Daily, I try to do one outside activity, one music activity, one art activity, and one language activity. I also like to start off our day with a “Morning Check-In,” where I tell Riley about our plans for the day, we practice our ABC’s, Counting. We’ll also review the calendar and weather for the day.

How I Did It

I didn’t do much to choose the lesson plan themes. I made a calendar, and wrote in each week the sequential letters and numbers. Then, I picked a vocabulary theme for each week. Some are holiday-based, some are seasonal-based, but most I kind of just made up. I wanted us only to have a general focus for each week, but it took on a life of its own.

Set Up Your Space

The best part about my lesson plan is the space in which we use it. Riley’s playroom is now set up for everything we need, from our Morning Check-In, to music and crafts, reading, and all of the imaginary play she can handle. I made sure to include a cozy couch for this Mama to sit and write to our lovely followers, too.

Riley’s Play Room, August 2019.

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As promised, the link to this week’s ASL Vocabulary Slide Show; Family Vocabulary.

Tori and Riley touring the Hutto afire Station, August 2019.
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