Life After Quarantine

Wondering how to handle life after quarantine? Yeah, me, too. Especially since we get to remain quarantined far longer than businesses can stay closed.

With Riley’s heart condition, she is in the very high risk category for COVID-19, and it would ruin her heart and lungs, meaning we would be in the hospital… And more-than-likely looking down the barrel of a heart transplant. We may not be able to rejoin the world again until there is a vaccine.

Riley, May 2020.

For the rest of you without immunocompromised family members, I put together a little list of reminders for moving forward when quarantine lifts.

1. Wear a mask.

Just because quarantine is lifted, does not mean that the virus is no longer a threat. Masks should continue to be mandatory by the state or county you live in, and many business will also have a policy in place. Abide it, please.

Tony and I, April 2020.

2. Wash your hands more.

Before you go somewhere, as soon as you’re done there, when you get home, and after touching anyone. Sanitizer is a good option, but nothing beats some super clean hands.

3. Vitamin C

Consider investing in some vitamin C supplements. It’ll help boost your immune system. I’ve been taking vitamin C for a few months now, and have noticed a significant decrease in sick days. Just a thought.

Riley and a Hutto Hippo, May 2020.

4. Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

For now, I mean. I know we all want to go hug our family and friends now, but we’re still not in the clear.

5. Don’t lend stuff out.

COVID-19 is transferable from most surfaces, including fabric. Now is not the time to be a good neighbor and let someone borrow your stuff. Sharing is caring, but not with these angry germs, y’all.

Riley and Tori shadows, May 2020.

6. Do not pet all of the animals.

Many pets are susceptible to the virus, or may be unknown carriers. I love gushing over random cats and dogs as much as the next gal, but reducing exposure is key.

7. Accept that the world will not be the same for a while.

We’re facing one of the worst pandemics in decades. We all need to take precautions against it, specifically. On top of living our lives. There’s a lot that is going to stay different for a long time. It’s better to accept in than simply biding your time until it’s over.

Downtown Hutto, May 2020.

8. Check on your car.

A lot of us haven’t even left the house since quarantine orders were issued. If you are one of those people, you should check on your car before you go anywhere. When left sitting for long periods of time, there’s a number of damaging things that are possible.

9. Be over-vigilant with your kids.

They spread germs faster than anyone else. Make sure you talk to them about sneezing/coughing into their elbows. Also, talk about the importance of washing and sanitizing. I know social distancing is hard for the little ones, but just try.

Riley at City Hall, May 2020.

10. Don’t come near me.

I will baptize you in Lysol. I will squirt you in the face with diluted vinegar. I. Will. End. You. DO NOT BRING THAT EVIL ON ME AND MY FAMILY. I won’t tolerate anyone who is not following CDC advice. I can’t afford to.

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