Mama Gets A Break

Mama Gets A Break

I am writing you today from a bar at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. I don’t think you comprehend how freaking epic every part of that sentences is. I’m by myself, in a bar, whiskey in hand, listening to my favorite tunes on my phone… And I am headed away from the chaos that is my home, to go back to my hometown, BY MYSELF.

Me and my giant nephew after his basketball game, November 2019.

It almost doesn’t feel real, guys. I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified! It’s my first solo trip without Little Bear since she was born. I can’t say it’s for the best of reasons, as I’m going in an attempt to console a family member. I won’t post their business on here, but I needed you to know that this isn’t actually vacation.

My favorite hair stylist, Allison Perry, and I after she finished my hair, November 2019.

Except, it’s about the closest thing I’m going to get any time soon. Believe me, I’m incredibly grateful. I’m just also very nervous. It’s Daddy’s first time soloing with his Little Bear for this long (four days). Not that I don’t trust him to be a great father in my absence, but I know how overwhelming it can be to suddenly feel like a single parent when your partner has to leave.

Me feeling cute at my Granny’s house, November 2019.

I’ll tell you more about it when my “vacation” is over. Until then, tell me about how you or your mom take a break when it’s time. Hit me up via the social media icons, or the comment section below. Hope you had a good Turkey Day! Catch you next week.

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