Mother’s Day

Well, it was an eventful weekend, to say the least. I spent all day Saturday on my feet. First thing was cleaning the living room, which turned into rearranging the furniture, which turned into deep cleaning. Followed by a Home Depot run for flower bed supplies.

My flower bed May 2020.

The Home Depot run was very disheartening. Hardly any of the employees were wearing masks, or maintaining social distancing. There were a lot of customers who were guilty of this, as well.

Grilling after my H-E-B adventure May 2020.

Same thing at H-E-B afterward. The staff did better than Home Depot, but still not up to the standards set by the CDC. Anyway, I got my shopping done for the next two weeks, and picked up three Mother’s Day bouquets.

The first bouquet went to my friend, Rachel, whom you may remember me mentioning a few times before. We had a little driveway date when I dropped them off Saturday evening.

Riley, C, and Rachel March 2020.

The second bouquet went to Kathy (Mimi). Late after hanging out with Rachel, I couldn’t stay long. It was Kathy’s first Mother’s Day without her son, CJ Clifton. It may not have made her feel better, but I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her.

The third bouquet went to my mother-in-law on Sunday. She and my father-in-law came for a visit. It was hard for everyone to maintain social distancing, but I think we did pretty well.

Riley, Grandpa, and Nana May 2020.

With them, they brought a box of the boys’ old things. We found an Nintendo64, controllers, games, and a purple Game Boy Color! Best believe I was playing that B most of the evening.

I think the most exciting thing about my Mother’s Day was my gift from my husband, though. I’m getting a new DSLR camera! I’ve been wanting this thing since high school, so I’m so stoked! Prepare for lots of pictures in the future!

Photo from!

Overall it was a pretty great weekend. How was yours? Did you do anything special? Let me know at #mypinkjansport.

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