Potty Training Progress

So, we started the potty training process again almost a month ago. This time I decided to take my time, and reduce the stress. 

The New Method

I put Riley’s potty in the middle of the garage, and set up a little ac unit to keep us cool during the day. There’s a TV in there, and lots of stuff for her to play with, as well as comfortable seating for me. With the concrete floor, it was the safest place to let her run around Pooh Bear style, with no pants. 

Memaw helping keep Riley distracted on the potty, June 2020.

It took about a week before Bear finally stopped screaming and crying whenever she peed. When she discovered that everyone basically threw a party and/or gave her candy if she used the potty successfully, she started WANTING to use it. 

Where We’re At

Riley is finally wearing underpants. (She loves the Minnie Mouse ones.) The potty still stays in the room with her, unless we are upstairs (where it’s carpeted). She takes off her pants herself, sits on the potty whenever she wants, and will even help carry the collection pot to the big potty before she washes her hands. 

She’s still going quite frequently, as she doesn’t seem to have the attention span to sit long enough to get it all out in one go. Little Bear also refuses to poop in the potty. She will wait until it’s time to go to sleep, so she can poop on her diaper. Then, she’ll proceed to rip off her diaper and throw it on the floor. 

Riley sitting on her potty in front of the tv, June 2020.

The other day she decided to play with her mess in her crib (unbeknownst to us), and we had the biggest poop painting that I have ever encountered or heard of. It. Was. Everywhere. We had to completely toss out the sheets, throw Riley in the bath, and scrub the walls and crib. We made her sit in time out and watch us clean up the mess. Haven’t had that problem since, so keep your fingers crossed. 

What’s Next

Well, now I think it’s time to move the potty into the bathroom. She’s gotten to the point that she can recognize that she has to go, but now we have to work on her doing that when there isn’t a tv in front of the potty. I figure that I’ll start with letting her use my phone, then we’ll switch to books. 

I’m not sure what to do about the poop situation, except hope that she has a daytime accident and hates it. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Riley walking down the stairs like a big kid, June 2020

Once she can tell me when she has to go, we’ll work on getting out of the house for some outdoor time, and work on building her endurance to hold it until she can get to a potty. I’ll probably keep the spare potty handy until she grasps the concept. 


It’s an incredibly slow process for us, but it seems to be working. Letting her take the time to figure it out has made this all less stressful than before, when I was on a time crunch. I guess COVID quarantine is good for something, eh?

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