Potty Training: The Result

Potty Training Part 3.

I finally got Riley to pee in her potty, so I assumed it was time to start the more “intensive” regimen. If you don’t remember my Potty Training Plan, go check it out now.

Day 1

On the first day, Riley wore her big girl underpants for the first time. She loved the Minnie Mouse designs! I kept a stack of the underpants and another stack of leggings with us all day.

Riley on the potty at Granny's, February 2020.
Riley on the potty at Granny’s, February 2020.

I started first thing in the morning, having Riley sit on her potty for about ten minutes, just to make sure. I asked her every fifteen to twenty minutes if she needed to go potty, and made her go when it would make sense. (Before and after eating, before and after nap, and when she finished a drink.) We had one potty success, and it was after sitting for almost an hour after I got overly flustered. Four sets of undies and pants were soiled. I was already exhausted.

Day 2

Day two was just as difficult as day one. I got so frustrated when Riley refused to potty, that I made her sit in the bathroom for over an hour. (I know, bad Mama.) Her tummy was making ominous noises, and she hadn’t peed in roughly four hours. I knew this kid needed to go, and I was right. Finally, she pooped. And man, did we have a party!

Riley, again, smiling on an empty potty, February 2020.
Riley, again, smiling on an empty potty, February 2020.

We didn’t have much success beyond that, since she decided to finish the job in her pants. Still, we took another step in the right direction.

Day 3

Literally zero progress. I feel like I have a permanent migraine now. Maybe she’s just not understanding any of this? She speaks like she knows what the potty is all about, but nothing is happening. (Well, other than me having to do a butt load of laundry.) I’m so lost, disheartened, and feeling like a failure.

Day 4

I thought we were making progress. Riley asked me to go to the potty a few times. However, she didn’t actually use the potty once today. She peed in her pants four times, and told me AFTER each incident had occurred.

Riley and Mama, February 2020.
Riley and Mama, February 2020.

I even caught her playing in the toilet. I’m exhausted, my anxiety has my skin crawling, I’m frustrated, and I’m over it. We’re going to put a pause on this and pick up again later. Third time’s the charm, right?

I intend to continue exposing my Bear to potty time, but we will definitely be sticking to pull-ups for the foreseeable future. do you have any helpful tips for me? Tell me about your #pottytraining experience(s) at the social media links below.

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