Riley’s Third Birthday

Preparing for Riley's Third Birthday

Well, it’ll be here next month, Riley’s third birthday is on its way (whether we’re ready for it or not). Traditionally, I throw huge birthday parties, but for obvious COVID-19 reasons, I can’t really do that this year.

Riley Barber, Born June 21, 2017 to parents Ross and Tori Barber.

Riley loves watching videos, so I had the idea to create a virtual birthday party for her! I made a Facebook event for all of our personal friends and family, and put the end date the morning of Riley’s third birthday on June 21st. I’ve encouraged everyone to take pictures and videos of messages for Riley, reading stories, performing/dancing to music, or any other creative thing they can come with, and I will show it all to Riley on her birthday!

Riley's First Birthday Party
Riley’s First Birthday Party

I want all of our followers to be included, so feel free to send me your pictures or videos at before 8 AM on June 21st, 2020.

Riley's Second Birthday Party
Riley’s Second Birthday Party

Do you have any creative ideas for a COVID-Safe birthday celebration? Let me know on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #mypinkjansport

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