Second Child

Many of you have asked me when or if we will be trying for a second child. Well, the time is now! My birth control has officially run out, I’ve got a physical scheduled soon, and the hubs and I have agreed that it is time.

Ross being a badass dad, pretending to be Sheriff Callie, July 2020.

Now, trying for a second child may not be the greatest idea for a special needs family in the middle of a pandemic. We totally understand that. However, we don’t want there to be a huge age gap between the kids. It will be easier for Riley to adjust to being a sibling while she’s still young and doesn’t remember what being an only child was like. And with any luck, we’ll have vaccines out before the new Barber Bear Family addition even makes it out into this mess.

The Barber Bear Family hanging out in the garage, May 2020.

There’s so much I intend to do differently with my second child, as I’m sure most parents feel. For starters, I’m feeling oddly motivated to go for a natural birth, without drugs. I’m even considering a birthing center instead of a hospital, to provide a better atmosphere for a more spiritual birthing experience.

The first photo of the Barber Bear Family, June 2017.

Our second child will also more-than-likely be staying in our room longer than Riley did. However, that’s mostly because the kids will be sharing a room when the time comes. If we make Uncle Sam (Ross’s brother) move out, then the kids could each have a room. Though, to be honest, I prefer having him around to help. If that means we give up a little space, so be it.

I have a lot of concerns about having a second child, but no more so than I had when we started trying for Riley. What’s some advice you have for second-time parents?

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