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Y’all, I have spent the last day and a half re-uploading ALL of the pictures on my blog. There was a bug in a security update, and it cleared all of my pictures off of the media library.

It’s now 9:45 Monday morning, and am just writing a post that’s due at 2 PM. (Insert face palm here.)

This whole process would have taken much longer if I didn’t have all of my photos stored and organized. So, I thought I’d tell y’all how I managed this miraculous recovery.

1. Find a cloud platform you like.

I use OneDrive from Microsoft. I get a lot of storage on the freebie one, and I have two Microsoft accounts for when the first one runs out of room. (Thank you, student account from college.) other options include iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and I’m sure a ton of others.

2. Create initial folders.

I started with documents, graphics, and a folder for each year.

3. Make sub folders.

In each year, number each month in its own folder.

3. Date and label your pictures.

I find the most helpful format is MM-DD, followed by the people pictured from left to right, or a description. It keeps the photos in order by date, while also making them easily searchable by content.

4. Make folders for events in their month.

Like the “Halloween” folder pictured above, make a folder for specific events. Photo shoots, celebrations, seasonal decor pictures, vacation pictures, etc.

5. Keep your memes easily accessible.

Under the main folder “Graphics”, I have a folder for memes. Always put a description of your meme as the name, so you can easily search it when you need to use it in battle. Trust me, it comes in handy.

One of my top favorite memes.

6. Upload and organize often.

Keep the space on your phone or other device free by uploading to your cloud application frequently, and organizing and labeling them as you go.

7. Scan everything.

Scan all of your hard copy pictures. If you don’t have a scanner, you can use an app on your smart phone. Scan everything, so you can keep the memories protected and accessible from anywhere.

How do you store and organize your photos? #mypinkjansport

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