Stress Eating: Weighing In

Stress Eating

It’s been a tough month. It shows in the bulge of my tummy. Stress eating is a problem I’ve had off and on for most of my life. However, now my metabolism can’t handle it quite the way my body used to. I’m not at a comfortable weight for myself. My husband tells me constantly how beautiful and sexy he thinks I am, but I am not comfortable with myself.

I don’t often check the mirror, except to put makeup on for the day.

My tummy didn’t pop back into place when I spit out the kid. It didn’t shrink much after completing Ripped in 30, Yoga Burn, and Insanity. I counted calories, I did the proper Slimfast program, and the South Beach Diet. It didn’t used to be this hard. I made progress, but never enough. So, when the plateau hit, I would stress eat again.

Tori and Ross at the Grove wedding, April 2016.
Tori and Ross at the Grove wedding, April 2016.

I’m tired of fads and plans, miracle pills and serums. I’m tired of spending over an hour to do a proper workout, or having to choose between said workout and the nap that my body’s been craving since I was rudely awakened at five in the morning (when Riley decides to play for a few hours every day). I’d rather stress eat a whole bag of Cheetos and pass out on the couch while watching The Walking Dead.

I’m tired, and I’m hungry.

Some of you might remember that losing twenty pounds by April was one of my Goals for 2020. Well, I swung the other way. Not by a full twenty pounds, but still a solid ten. I’m not very proud of my stress eating problem. I know I need to get up and do more for my body. But I mean it, y’all I am TIRED. All the time, it seems. It doesn’t matter how long I sleep, how restful it is, if I’ve take melatonin or NyQuil…

Me, January 2020.
Me, January 2020.

Then there’s snacks. Dude, snacks are the bomb diggity. Chips, vegetables, cookies, ice cream, yogurt, salads, fruit, muffins, WHATEVER! I love all the snacks. I would constantly stress eat if I could. It’s so damn… satisfying. Finishing that last Roll of Thin Mints is one of the few things I GET to FINISH these days. Everything else always gets started, just to be put on hold.

So what am I going to do about it?

Well, we’ve talked about my stress eating problem, and a little bit about the potential cause, so I’m going to take this next week to write up a plan for myself. I will address my diet, workout, and daily care routine. Tune in next week for a look at what I come up with. You guys get to be my accountability partners! Deal?

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One thought on “Stress Eating: Weighing In

  1. I got older and my already slow metabolism decided to get even slower. I wasn’t even this size the 4 times I had full term pregnancies!! I don’t really snack and don’t drink soda pops on the daily. It’s one occasional pop like once a month. I’ve learned to embrace my size. It’s about all I can do. Sunshine, I honestly don’t know how this weight came to me unless it’s getting older and hormonal changes. I’m 44 🙄

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