The Riley Report: Threenage Years

Took a hiatus for a week, because I didn’t have a whole lot to write about, other than weekend that I spent with my mom and nephew, and Father’s Day/Solstice/Riley’s Birthday… Okay, maybe I had plenty to write about, but I didn’t want to. So, there. 

Riley Is A Threenager!

Riley Bear turned three on the 21st. We celebrated with her grandparents on Saturday with lots of presents and tasty treats. Of course, during this time my brilliant self thought it’s be a good idea to start potty training again. 

Tori and Riley working on potty time, June 2020.

It became a daily ritual for Riley to soil her diaper at night. Then, she would take off all of her clothes, including the diaper, and throw them out of her crib (usually along with everything else in the crib). She also got very adamant about changing her diaper immediately when she went during the day. So, I thought it was time to try again. 

Giving It The Ole College Try…

It’s been about two weeks now. It was really slow to start, but this time I decided to keep the potty in the same room as her, and let her run around Pooh Bear style with no bottom clothing. 

Riley playing on her potty in the living room, June 2020.

We’ve had a few successes, and lots of messes, but now she tends to just try to hold it in until whenever she sleeps next. (We put a diaper on while she sleeps, otherwise she will make a huge mess in the crib.) 

When she does have a success, she will scream and cry until it’s over and we all start celebrating. Then, she’s fine again. But, man… can that kid throw a FIT. 

The persistent turdler…

Riley has plenty of good moments, however she definitely fits the “threenager” title. She wants to do everything herself, but screams bloody murder the second it becomes even slightly difficult. Her favorite thing is to pretend to be sad. It. Is. So. Annoying. The fake whine she does frequently gives me a headache. 

Riley pretending she’s sweet. (I’m just kidding, she can be VERY sweet. When she wants to.) June 2020.

Also, Little Bear tends to fight eating at every meal. She’s done this for a few years now, but it’s getting really old. She rarely feeds herself dinner. Daddy tends to have to take over to make her eat it. She’s as picky, if not pickier, than he is. 

Checking In With The Doc…

We did have a pediatric check up after her birthday. Riley is tracking low on the weight chart (not uncommon for Noonan Syndrome patients), but her height is tracking on a pretty normal growth pattern. In other words, she’s going to be tall and skinny, just like her Mama was pre-pregnancy. 

Let’s Go To School…

We’ve also begun the process to enroll Riley in school in the fall. Since she is a special needs student, they start small preschool-like classes at age three. I’m not very comfortable with her starting during this COVID fiasco, but we do have a cardio check-up soon. I plan to ask her doctors for their recommendations. Because she has aged out of ECI, we would have to pay for in-home therapies instead of being able to go through the school district. 

Riley Bear and her Memaw, June 2020.

And that’s the scoop on what’s going on with Riley. For more updates and content, follow me at the social media links below!

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