The Shower Crisis

Is it just me, or is the bathroom seriously the worst part about cleaning your home? I like having a clean place around me, but I HATE cleaning bathrooms. Especially the tub/shower.

I’ve tried all different kinds of cleaners, different scrubbing or wiping techniques, and of course keeping a cleaning schedule. It never feels any easier or less suffocating.

The most troublesome is my glass shower. It’s so dang small, which makes it hard to maneuver around with a scrubber. Plus, since we have hard water here in Hippo Land, I can never ever ever get the glass to a sparkling clean. It’s infuriating.

For now, the best method I’ve found is to go wall-by wall with the following steps:

  1. Spray cleaner (I use a home-made mix of vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and water.)
  2. Sponge it down. (I usually use a regular dish sponge, the scouring side.)
  3. Rinse it off. (Using an old cup, I rinse off the excess.)
  4. Squeegee to reduce streaks and water spots.
  5. Repeat on each wall, followed by the base/tub.

How about you? Do you have any tips and tricks to help make this bathroom cleaning less tedious? Maybe even more entertaining? Tell me about it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

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