Tori Renee Barber


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Me performing in February 2020.
Me performing in February 2020.

Singer/songwriter, and YouTube cover musician, my name is Tori Renee Barber. I am a wife, mom, and blogger, but my biggest passion is music. My mother will tell you that it started when I was singing Reba McEntire songs at the age of two. From there, I was recognized by all of my elementary music teachers, and took private voice lessons. I was in choir throughout middle school, high school and my stint at college, leveling in multiple competitions. Some of my notable performances include singing the national anthem at a Round Rock Express baseball game, multiple festival appearances, and several talent shows.

I started writing songs in elementary school, but didn’t start putting music to them until around 2012. I had never taken my guitar playing skills seriously until I finally buckled down and got to work. Since then, I have been playing acoustic guitar while singing (mostly country songs).

I was the owner of Wolf’s Song Entertainment (a musician’s services company) in 2016, where I managed myself, and fellow artist Nick Bakay. We played mostly local shows, but were able to get a few gigs out of the way, here in Texas. I let WSE go when I was pregnant with my daughter, Riley.

January 2020, I started a YouTube channel in the hopes of getting my music heard by anyone who would listen. Since then, I have been posting videos weekly, and began hosting live stream shows on Instagram and Facebook.

I would like to label myself, as a songwriter, somewhere in the country range, but I don’t limit my cover songs to specific genres. My biggest influences are Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Terri Clark, Stevie Nicks, Bri Bagwell, and Pat Benatar.