Passion Project: What To Do?

Passion Project

So, I’m one of those people who is good at a lot of things, but not especially good at any one thing. There’s a lot that I CAN do, but not a lot that I want to do long-term. I’m sure some of you have noticed this in my inability to keep this blog running on schedule.

I get all of these crazy creative ideas in my head, and I’ll get started on them, only to lose interest.

It just turns out that it wasn’t what I actually wanted to do. I’m such a creative person that anything in the realm of music, writing, crafting, and anything in between always calls to me. I just can’t make one stick.

Obligatory Riley pic, January 2020.
Obligatory Riley pic, January 2020.

My music, and this blog, are the only things that I’ve even tried to maintain long-term. Now I’m thinking that I want to run with that. Maybe do an influencer kind-of thing with My Pink JanSport, and a YouTube channel for my music. Virtual concerts for the parents, like me, who can’t get out of the house on the weekends? But, I also really want to finish writing my latest novel (I’ve written quite a few, mostly fantasy, never published). Oh, and I have a beautiful crochet blanket I’ve been working on since I was pregnant (I just can’t sit still for too long). I’m also really into World of Warcraft right now, thanks to my husband, and we’re trying to watch the entire Marvel universe in order (including the shows).

See what I mean? I jump around a lot.

I’ve even contemplated a NSFW blog on Tumblr as a way to get some of my writing out there, and I researched a career as an Event Planner! At one point, I owned my own company that focused on musician services (which was, by far, my favorite endeavor, but not really realistic in the vision I had. Musicians are broke).

Another hobby of mine: Amateur Photography! January 2020.
Another hobby of mine: Amateur Photography! January 2020.

With all that being said, this blog has finally started to gain some traction. (Thank you to The Baby Spot for featuring us in a recent article about mom blogs! Go check it out to find some more mom bloggers to follow!)

So, I’m thinking this is something I really need to stick with, especially since it is the easiest way to update everyone about Riley.

I do still really want to pursue my music, though I don’t ever expect fame and fortune from it. I know my limitations, and I am so not that good or that popular! I just love making music.

Tori at an Elgin American Legion performance, 2016.
Tori at an Elgin American Legion performance, 2016.

I’m putting this here so that you lovely people can hold me accountable. I am choosing to focus on this blog, my YouTube channel, and the social media work that goes along with it. What do you think?

Do you also have multiple passions? Tell me about your #passionproject in the comments, or at the social media links below. Thanks for reading, my friends!

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